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Posted by Pip

BR47- Math Ruins Fun Once Again

Has Two-Face taught us nothing? You don't taught the mentally unbalanced guy that's flinging coins at people! You're liable to get Tommy Gun'd in a back alley. Or cave for that matter. He certainly doesn't look like he's game for some playful ribbing. Then again, I'm starting to think this guy is less of a gambler turned villain and more likely just some guy whose junk drawer was full.

We had a couple of new entries come in with the new and improved proper end date to the Sloth contest!

Sloth cat is slooooth. Thanks, Thomas and Wandering Observer!
And the winners!
In fourth place, Marioaddict:

In third place, Lovesoutcast:

In second, Ches:

Sloth is totally the Venom of the Sins world!

And in first, Jude:

I loved the idea of a giant sentient Superball and so do kids and my guest judges, apparently!

Thanks to my judges, the winners, and everybody that participated!