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Posted by Pip

BR48- Neeeeerd

For those of you that haven't played Breck's game, our lovely Tarot can only manifest his powers through chance. His coin only gives him two options but it's pretty safe, while dice give him more choices but little control over what manifests. And in this case, causing a cave in wouldn't be the most desirable option. But you have to give the dude credit. He has his heart set on immortality and he'll get it even if his head gets caved in by a rock in the process. That's forward thinking! Or not thinking at all.

It's a new week so it's time to finish off this batch of TWC voting incentives. Gain the final knowledge in the “how to draw” series with the powers of EGG. Impress your friends and humble your foes! And that's just what happens when you decide to vote for us.

It's friend of the show, Spiral's, birthday this week! Head on over to Ascension via that handy button to your left there and wish him a good one! His chatbox doesn't require registration any more so put it to good use!

What's this madness? A preview for a charitable project! Way back when, I was approached (say hi to fine folks at the Webcomic Crossover & Cameo Archive!) to do a page for a charity webcomic cookbook and it finally shipped this week. Now the Virtues don't have to be ashamed of me anymore! To get the full image with text, you'll have to get the book. No undermining charity on my end. My recipe is for these cookies my mom always makes on special occasions and no bias are totally better than any cookies your mom ever made. The cookbook collects a bunch of legit recipes hosted by comic characters and the proceeds go to food banks, so it's a worthy cause.

Of course, just because it's for charity doesn't mean they're above criticism. They blew it on our page. Foremost, they freaking spelled by mom's name wrong! It's “Moira” not “Moria”. Unless you're smiting hobbits, who the heck is named “Moria”? They also botched the steps on the recipe. It says to dip the cookies in chocolate, let them cool, and then it tells you to dip them in chocolate again. Granted we're all for copious amounts of chocolate, but what the heck? I'd be cheesed enough about screwing up the name but could let the recipe steps slide if this was a rush job or something, but I got the recipe and the comic to them in OCTOBER. The book was originally intended to be released for last Thanksgiving (Addy is still a little kid in the picture!) but it got delayed over and over until this month. They've had half a year to proofread the book. I contacted the authors and they said that the digital version will be corrected and they'll fix it in the second print run, so if you're planning on ordering a copy, you may want to wait for that. Sorry, Mom.