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Posted by Pip

BR52- Acting!

Hopefully all of you that are up on your Tarot cards know what this guy's designation is going to be. It's one he earned heartily.
But look at how be brought everybody together! Sins loving Sins, hugging, dusting, petting, commiserating. Humans looking after humans to prevent said previously mentioned Sins from feasting on the other human's gooey insides. It's feel good and happiness all around! Or Breck knows that the bounty on villains is higher when they're in one piece. You can't buy the shiny new boots and gloves if your villain is all scuffed up and leaking.

Quick Review: Jett Rocket- Jett Rocket has the makings of a neat game, but it's so poorly made that there's little to no fun to be had. The hit detection is awful, both for enemies touching you and the game recognizing when you want to attack an enemy. If you die in a stage, all the warp points close, every enemy respawns, and you lose every single one of the collectibles you picked up for that area. Yet the game still has a restrictive lives system (it also removes all of the extra lives you found every time you stop playing). What's the point of having lives if the level completely resets when you die? Your attacks are mapped to waggling the remote (something it doesn't always pick up leaving you open for the enemy to hit or you'll just run into something and get hurt) but the B button does nothing. The motion controls add nothing to the game and do a lot to take away from it. The biggest problem is the horrible, hooorrible camera. It starts with the camera controls being reversed and you can't change them. Then the levels just pick bad angles like facing away from enemies or platforms, up against a wall, or facing through a wall so all you can see is your shadow and none of the landscape. Plus, the camera will spin while you're in the middle of a jump. So if you're jumping to attack an enemy or to get across a platform, the camera will change direction causing you to veer off target. Finally, the game just randomly takes away your ability to move the camera for like 50% of the game. This little movie camera icon appears on screen as if this is some big cinematic moment that the chosen camera angle is necessary for but there's no difference between that area and everywhere else you've been and the chosen angle doesn't help. Or you'll be allowed to move the camera around your character but you won't be allowed to center it so you have to keep spinning it every time you move. For how monumentally it fudges the basics, you'd figure it would make use of the jetpack you have, the originator of the game's freaking name and the sole gimmick the whole game has, but no. The jetpack requires fuel (which it rather quickly consumes for a game with environmentalist overtones...) but the fuel stations are few and far between and you always start levels with zero fuel, so you're going to spend the vast majority of your time just walking around. Even once you fuel your jetpack, it doesn't really do much. It gives you a slight boost to your jumps and lets you hover for a short distance. That's it. The sole bright spot in this dismal game is your ally. He gets no backstory, there's no explanation what he is, how you know him, what he's up to, or where he goes, but he's a dolphin in a kick ass helmet. It in no way makes up for how poorly made this game is, but there's something kind of keen about dolphins in headgear.