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Envy's Sinability must be slipping. If you can't instigate a brawl between a hero and her villain, it calls into question just how effectively evil you are. Getting put down by a boot to the head doesn't help your standing much either. Either that... or Breck was the villain all this time! It all makes sense now! She... No, wait. Doesn't make any sense at all.

Quick Review: The Adjustment Bureau- AB starts off as a rather neat idea and a bit spooky until you find out what's going on. It's a great premise but it called for going beyond turning into just a romance plot. I'd have rather known more about the characters in the Bureau, their plans, and why the main character was important, but he doesn't ask any big questions. He hears something earth shattering and just kind of goes with it. Not a bad movie by any means and worth a watch but with so many big issues unexplored and never even touched upon, there was just enough to prevent me from really being drawn in.