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Posted by Pip

BR54- Also Has A Hero Clock Radio

The obvious answer finally rears its fuzzy head. In Greed's defence, nobody asked if he had stolen a magic hero sword and he's the only one that didn't lie to Breck when building up the wonder of the weapon. Greed is practically a hero for stealing that sword! Gasp, that means it IS a magical hero sword...
Our dashing rogue's name was decided in the chat box over the weekend. Being raised on the streets as an orphan and a thief, he grew up nameless. Through the grace and glory of the Sins and Breck, they gave him the name “Westington”. You are now free to refer to our villain by name.

A new DDG page has been posted as well. It's a day of gasp inducing reveals all over the joint!

And for a new week, we have a new TWC voting incentive image. The Sins kick some Kubler-Ross butt and prove that they're way better at handling death. Vote for Sins to see part one!

May is a kick butt month so it gets kick butt wallpapers. We couldn't have a story about superheros without something heroic to grace your desktop.

And let's see what April sent our way with funny search strings:
“monster man eating plants” - It's fun to read that as a monstrous man going around harassing innocent plants. Horror movies made for carrots must be grim.
“exclamation point” - I like the idea that somebody somewhere is just Googling basic punctuation.
“benevolent dictator” - Booyah! Let it go down in history that there's a connection between me and the phrase “benevolent dictator”!
“worlds greatest butt” - Which was then followed by this one... I humbly offer to take both those accolades.