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Posted by Pip

BR55- Needs Some Team Retreats And Trust Exercises

It's rough being a genius. Nobody lets you throw fights for the greater good and nobody gives you giant ancient weapons just because you hold a grudge against a child that talked back to you. I feel for you, Lust. At least Greed is a bit of a pushover and isn't willing to use said ancient sword against those yelling at him. If you combined the two, you'd have a lovable fuzzy genius and then nobody would ever respect you.

Don't forget that the TWC comic rankings reset at the start of every month, so voting for Sins now means extra goodness! Double plus good even!

Quick Review: Lost Winds- I want to say Lost Winds has a neat concept but not allowing the player to control the character in a platformer is a rather bad idea, especially when coupled with dodgy, imprecise motion controls. It's interesting how you use the wind to move things around and interact with the world, but trying to get the game to make the character jump can be surprisingly difficult when the controls just decide to ignore you. Trying to provide a cushion so the kid doesn't land face first after jumping off a cliff is probably the hardest things to do but it's the second power you get in the game. Your instructions are to "frantically wave the remote under the characters", but I was only able to get that to work a few out of the many times I tried this. Thankfully, you basically have unlimited lives as long as you don't mind entering and exiting rooms for your godly power items to respawn. The entire game consists of backtracking. The world is really poorly laid out and there's no map and nobody in the game will give you directions. It's not fun in an original Zelda kind of discovery way, it's more the “took the wrong turn and trying to find your way back onto the highway” kind of exploration. The sole boss battle is poorly designed. Nothing about the way it's shown to you gives you a clue as to what you're supposed to do and it introduces a new element to gameplay but doesn't indicate in any way that you can interact with it. Lost Winds is so ridiculously short, there isn't even a remote conclusion to the story, and the world is so poorly laid out that it isn't so much a game as it is a tech demo that needed another year of work.