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BR57- The Devil Will Undo It Later

Love, an even better time sap than searching for mystical items! So it's either super cute that he put all this effort into helping out the girl he likes find her MacGuffin or it's suuuuuper creepy that he put this much effort into researching and following the girl around. Lust obviously leans towards the cute side of things, but I kind of agree with Envy and Gluttony. You'll notice that Lust was always on scene when the two quarreled. She knows young (angry?) love and had her ears twitching back at the tavern.
Oh, THAT's what else heroes and villains want to do to each other... Yes, Dr. Doom and Reed totally secretly want to make-out. Notice how Doom's mask has that cutout at the mouth that would prevent anybody from kissing him. Exceeept, what if there was a guy that could stretch... Just think of how much cosmic chaos could be spared if Reed would just admit to Sue that their marriage is a sham cover.

There's a new voting incentive if you click the link to vote for Sins on TWC! This week is part 2 of the Sins's look at alternative employment as the Forces of Loss. These last three fit the role rather well...

Quick Review: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood: This isn't a new game as there are no noticeable improvements over AC2. It's an expansion pack. An expansion pack that retailed for $60. Same completely unlikable modern day characters, same horrible camera, and the same abysmal controls. The music is still good but most of the good pieces are from AC2. I gave up pretty quickly, returned the game, read the Wikipedia page, and Youtube'd the ending. It just wasn't worth putting the time in with all the problems they didn't bother to fix.