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BR58- Pinkie Pride

I don't know about that plan, Envy. Getting somebody prone to accidents drunk usually isn't the best course of action. At the very least, she'll be in less control of her powers. At worst, she'll be infused with alcohol. Flammable, flammable alcohol.
Dang but a bow tie will make anybody snazzy.

Friend of the show, Hero in Training, is having issues with its server, so if you clicked through from the Links page and were told that it no longer existed, fret not. Saurus has assured me that gearing up in my best bandana and bandolier yelling at computers for vengeance isn't quite needed. But I do like that bandana...

Quick Review: Mighty Milky Way- Wayforward games are so chock full of charm. Luna is adorable (and French!) and possibly beating out Flip Champs's combination of awesome that was the cat with a jetpack, we know have the space T-Rex with laser eyes. He even has his own kick butt theme song. Granted it mainly consists of the word "T-Rex" but it's still awesome. Milky Way has great art, bizarrely lovable characters in odd situations (the scene with the Flip Champs toys in Luna's room is absolutely cute overload until you notice the T-Rex peaking in through the window), has Virt's awesome music, and features some really lousy gameplay. As charming and likable as the good stuff is, I'm sad to say that the game isn't anywhere close to being fun enough to match it. It's not something you sit down and look forward to playing at all. It's punishingly difficult where one hit, one misstep, or putting a platform a wee bit too far to the side will kill you and force you to do the stage all over from scratch. It's not a good difficult that makes you strive to work harder, practice, and give it one more shot because you know you can do better the next time. It's “missed that jump by two pixels, time to do that stage all over again from scratch for the fifth time” difficult for the wrong reasons kind of a challenge. The game would have lost absolutely nothing in terms of challenge by having a Prince of Persia-style rewind feature. Even if you could only use it once or twice per stage, it would go a long, long way to removing the frustration the game causes. Going even more simple, let the player see the gravitational pull of the planets or just let us see Luna's trajectory. I could only get to stage 3-6 (out of I believe 5-9) and just couldn't make one jump and it wasn't worth having to play the stage any more to find that one exact pixel I had to jump from. You have to use the gravity from a big planet to slingshot yourself between two instant death spots but if you're off by even a few centimeters, you'll either get sucked in by the planet's gravity and die or make too gentle of a curve and fly into the boundary and die. And of course this jump is at the very end of the level so if you mess up there, you have to do everything leading up to getting to that point again. I would love to see these characters again, but in an adventure or action style game incorporating gravity mechanics on display here but with gameplay that is fun or actually decent.