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Posted by Pip

BR59- Drunk Pride Is Awesome

At least somebody takes Envy's advice. Pride is on the road to either becoming an evil mastermind or a bitter old lady plotting the downfall of all the people from her past that had nicer dresses. She just needs to start swirling that wine and then there's no going back.
Lust can wear whatever the heck she wants. I mean, she brought cake. Who is going to begrudge a person bearing cake that comes in a huge box? Sure she's a giant pink and purple ball, but you can ignore her and focus on the pastry.

Lately, I've had several people ask me about setting up an RSS feed for the comic. I'm willing to try to accommodate readers but I'm trying to think about better ways to do it, so are more people interested in/do more people use Twitter or RSS feeds? The way I see it, RSS feeds for comics that regularly update are kind of pointless. All I'm going to do is send out a link over the feed saying that “hey, this comic that's updated three times a week every week for the past five years has updated”. You don't need a feed for this. If we go the Twitter route, I can send out that same (silly) link but it also gives me another avenue to announce contests, special postings, games, etc so I'm more inclined to go that route. So what say you, Slapeggs of the digital world? Do more of you use Twitter or do more of you use RSS? And would you be willing to wage war on the other side to convert them to your method...

Answer on the forum at:

or on Facebook at:

Or email me, answer in the chatbox at the bottom of the page, or hire a skywriter. Your call.

On to other highly important issues... Games!

A Vice's Game 2!

Download or play the game in your browser (PC-only) at:

The totally anticipated sequel to the Internet's best homemade game based on a webcomic starring a short gray and green demon without a name is finally here! Help that lovable little Vice as he works for a supernatural, not at all suspicious, and maybe evil boss, the Dealer, as they service the needs of demons, shades, and Sins.
So what's been improved?
- New controls! You're less likely to get stuck in a wall!
- New jumping! The Vice now has a much smaller and more manageable jump giving you better control.
- Expanded defence stages! More impractical items, more enemies, more action, and the return of the Moat In A Box
- A direct connection to the storyline in! Familiar faces and a peak at some of the ongoing mystery.

I'll do the usual rounds of posting links in the forums and the Facebook page and what not tomorrow because I'm a bit groggy right now. I left for work at 6:30 AM and didn't get back until 11:30 PM. There was chaos.