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BR60- By the Power Sinvested In Me

Augh, there's so much happiness! I need to do something jaded and bitter to cleanse the pallet. Like reading a message board or something. Ah, that's better. Hey, we may even get a fight out of the ending there. You can't keep secret orphans, adventures, and Grarlgfish under wraps. Especially when drinking is involved.
I wanted to make sure the wedding was at least a bit different from the Earth normal. Given their lack of technology, I figured a nature-y look with browns and lots of greens would be better over the usual white. And I think the flowers playing a role just makes sense. You know what? Nuts to you church, court, and Las Vegas drive-through weddings! The cheap showiness of Nature is where it's at.

There's a new TWC voting incentive for the week. It just screams happiness. Unmotivated, casual, casual happiness.

The winner of the Twitter vs RSS poll was Twitter! Why? Because apparently you can get RSS updates from Twitter so if I just created an account there, it would work for both. Sloth! I mean... Convenience!
So the official Twitter link is:

Help us pick a hash tag too! Meh was pretty thoroughly used already, so how about:

And if you don't want to use Twitter and prefer an RSS feed, you can find information on how to do so here:

or here:

Nothing that gets posted on Twitter will be exclusive or unique, so if you're doing the Internet right and actually coming to the site, you're ahead of the game and I thank you! The Twitter/RSS option is just there to remind people when we update or post special content.
Now will you please stop yelling at me? Please?