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BR61- Adventure Time Out

The little guy can only put up with so much. Knock his head around, use him to deliver messages, feed him to hungry monsters, that's just palling around. Go on an adventure and leave him behind though? Now you're pushing it. Though in the other Sins's defence, Addy never used the gauntlet so it may not have counted as an official Adventure. Maybe just a Romp or an Outing.
Cake, it staves off the hate and brings every together. Not like divisive pie. Fruit filling and crust, what a jerk.

Thanks to everybody that's signed up for the Twitter/RSS feed! I like the sound of "followers". It makes me feel like I'm the leader of a cult, which I just learned is something I'd apparently dig. I promise to not abuse my position but if you want to send me money, that's pretty groovy. If only my robe was hooded...

Ripping off game shows or not, I have an offer for you. After finishing up A Vice's Game 2, I want to take a small break from big projects. What I was going to do is post some simplified pages of DDG (no shading probably) for free, so how's that sound? I'll probably shoot for two or three a month depending on how work/my schedule goes. There is a caveat though. If donations to the site really drop off, I'll stop and go back to the usual update schedule of posting new DDG pages when enough money gets donated. Sound like a deal to everybody? What day should it be updated? You guys keen for a weekend update?

Quick Review Super Scribblenauts- The dictionary in the game is amazing, but the solutions to puzzles that the game will accept are very limited so having all that power at your disposal is kind of a hindrance. One level tasks you with putting a lion to sleep. I tried several manners of beds and comfy objects for it to use, tried making it a den, and eventually said screw it and tried to drug the lion with a tranquilizer, but the game wouldn't accept any of my solutions. The intended answer was to put the moon in the sky and the lion fell asleep on its own. Another level has you perform a magic trick to make a lion disappear (what is it with lions?) so I decided to go one better and make an invisibility potion, but again the game wouldn't accept it. It made me pull some switches to open a false wall and just hide the lion from the crowd. My ways were better... Sure, you can create a yurt, but the game doesn't recognize that people live in a yurt. As a tool, Scribblenauts is really keen but as a game, it's lacking, not fun, and kind of sucks as you get to the later chapters. It's best suited to give to some little kids to try to increase their vocabulary or to keep them occupied with spawning robotic mutant cats.

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