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BR62- Sounds Like A Normal Wedding

And we bring Breck's adventures with the Sins to a close and her story arc with it. People were beaten up, games were completed, big bosses vanquished, heroic feats feated(?), years spent successfully bamboozling a small child with lies, and some more people got beaten up. That counts as a pretty successful adventure in my book! Breck and Westington can rest happily in marriage until he finds out that she's been sneaking out at night roughing up pirates. Maybe they can have a kid to form a team rather than just a duo. That's why people have kids, right?

So apparently the world is going to end on Saturday. I'm a little bit bummed out about that. All those comics done ahead of time... Put a good word in for me in the Afterlife! Ummm, I promise to update more often if you get me into Paradise?

Why was I not informed of the show Dan Vs. and how awesome it is?! It's a show about a hate-filled guy that sees personal slights in everything the world throws at him and he responds with anger and bitterness. And it has Dave Foley in it! The second that show came on the air, I should have been notified! I like it even more because despite how full of smiting and vengeance Dan is, the show is on the same network that airs My Little Pony. If one of the most accepting, non-ironic, and kind-hearted shows on TV can share a channel with a show where the heroes bribe a homeless man that can (maybe) talk to cats with a sandwich and his ultimate reward is to be impaled by a crowbar, then can't we all just get along? Friendship IS magic, people! Dan Vs. Art is the best one so far.

Quick Comic Reviews:
Marvel Zombies Return- With how increasingly disappointing the series has been as it's drug onward, Return brings the franchise back to what made the series great: a focus on story and character over just scenes of superpowered zombies fighting. Superpowered zombies are simply the launching board for the story, while the follow-ups devolved into fight scene after fight scene. The art in some of the comics is fantastic, especially the Spidey tales, and the plots hit on various Marvel events through time. It even has a good ending that ties everything up and keeps it contained.

Duncan the Wonder Dog- Duncan switches between being a moving, amazing story and getting so wrapped up in itself that nothing interesting will happen for pages on end. The hook to the story is that (for unexplained reasons) animals have gained roughly human intelligence and the ability to speak across species. At its best, this produces spectacular interactions because humans don't seem to have changed their behavior much and still treat animals the same way, like the scene where farmers try to convince a cow that it should leave the truck and go to the slaughterhouse when the cow clearly knows that something horrible is going to happen. There's the requisite story that involves a family's pet dog dying that you're a monster if you can read and not tear up. Anybody that's ever lost a pet knows how hard that is but when your dog can talk and tell you how poorly it feels, it's strong stuff. Unfortunately, the book frequently moves away from stories like those and gets, for lack of a better phrase, “artsy”. There are pages of experimental, indie for its own sake material that doesn't expand on the characters or world and that could have been cut without sacrificing anything of value. The book is worth a read for when it focuses on interactions or an on-going plot involving an animal liberation group but just know you're going to have to slog through some material where the author is out to only amuse himself.