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Posted by Pip

Judes Catch Up

Back when we ran the Sloth Contest, the first place prize was a comic of the winner's choosing. Rather than being selfish, our winner, Jude, asked to see what some of the old Sins have been up to. And what else would they be up to but killing time, gambling, cheating, and of course booze is somehow involved. I think we should all thank Jude for the selfless choice! Yay, virtue! With a lowercase v.
We'll start the new arc that you voted for next update!

It was asked in the chatbox, but I'm not giving up the storylines started in Breck's arc. The comic is an ongoing story and some elements get dealt with across arcs. Not everything has to be neatly tied up at the end of one particular chapter so issues raised there will be resolved at a later date and rather soon compared to some of the other mysteries swimming around. The next arc will be the flashback you guys voted for and after that, it picks up after the end of Breck's story.

And speaking of the lovable gal, Breck's bio has been posted in the Cast section. I also finally got around to adding the image to the Wiki link on the Links page. Big thanks as always to those of you that contribute to it! And to the TV Tropes page too.

There's a new TWC voting incentive this week and it's a new group. Fun with language! Because when you think of the most devious and depraved group around, you think of the Sins and English professors.

Well, it looks like we avoided Armageddon over the weekend. A little disappointing if you really think about it, but probably a relief for many too. It got me thinking. No, not about doing good and being a better person, but I've been working in the city for half a year now and I haven't seen a single person with a picket sign or sandwich board proclaiming that the end is nigh. Do people still do that? Did they ever? I have a sneaking suspicion that this is one of those things that comics and TV have instilled expectations in me that the real world just can't keep up on.

Quick Review: Red Dead Redemption- The first hour of the game is horrible. You spend it watching updates install, watching long loading screens, following a slow old man on foot and then by horse, watch a short cutscene where your character proves he's dumb as a post, following a slow woman on foot and then painfully slowly by horse while listening to terrible dialogue, and then you get a mission to follow a slow dog on foot. Worst of all, I failed the dog mission but it totally wasn't my fault. The mission is to follow this dog and catch any bandits it finds. It slowly wanders around, you hear a scream, the dog barks and runs, the dog then runs into a fence and stops, somebody walks by, and the dog just stares at him. I figured this meant that was the bad guy. The dog stopped moving, it was staring at this guy, and my aiming reticule was red if I put it over the dude, so I shot him (as the game had given me permission to do at the start of the mission). All hell breaks loose, the dog runs away, and four lawmen come after me shooting. The dog set me up! The next mission is a horse race on a horse that runs out of stamina in two seconds so it consists of run!, meander while the stamina gauge refills, run!, meander, and repeat for far too long. The mission after that has you slowly ride a wagon a really long distance. I tried to take a shortcut through some hills and let's just say that horses can't take the same kind of abuse I'm used to inflicting on the cars in GTA. Our wagon crushed and killed them, the game wanted me to restart the mission and do that all over again, and I ejected the disk and mailed it back. I have neither the time nor the patience to play this game. If you're okay with slowly traveling long distances and listening to uninteresting people, you might like it. You may also like being a drifter. Your call.