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LFL1- Eyes Only For You

All right, the start of our flashback arc! And we start with an introduction to the flashback so it's kind of a flashback to a flashback! This isn't a new Rhett, I used their colors from Addy's arc so this intro page takes place before they met her. Take THAT, anybody that's complained that chapters aren't always linear! I'm using the flow of time for spite!
In summary: This intro page takes place before Addison's story but we're going to flash back to way, way early in time on the next page.

In a helpful shameless plug, a reader alerted me to an alternative to using Twitter for your Sins RSS feed. Jamey runs a site, Serialist, that creates feed for comics. So if you don't want to use the Twitter RSS feed to find out when Sins updates, you can use theirs!
Serialist's site is at:
And the Sins page is at:

So now you have:
An RSS feed
And just plain old visiting the site every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday when it regularly updates.

If you can't find an easy way to get notified of updates, that's not Sloth, you're actively avoiding it.

Long, Guns are always better when they're neon orange Review: Time Crisis Razing Storm: It's a multi-pack of cheesy lightgun awesomeness, so I'll break it down by game:

Deadstorm Pirates- Why are there not more light gun games in crazy settings?! Pirates are severely underrepresented anyway but combine them with a lightgun game and it's crazy awesome. The writing is corny, the story is cheesy, the voice acting is terrible, and the game is absolutely amazing for it. The wheel/steering and cannon segments are nice ways to break up the shooting, but the game itself is over very, very quickly.

Razing Storm- RS is a nice change of pace from the other games. Instead of centering around being a good shot, it's more about crowd control, prioritizing threats, and effectively seeking cover. Having good aim still plays a part since you have to shield to reload and time spent hiding is time that allows enemies to take aim and group up. Plus, headshots cause enemies to explode, which is not only awesome but it also clears destructible terrain and maybe kills surrounding enemies. I honestly couldn't tell because there may be a grand total of thirty seconds where something in the game isn't exploding. Aaaand it gives you some crazy guns to fight giant robots which often involves even more explosions plus lasers.
You also get a story mode to finish off the "plot" you were left oh so cliffhangered with in the arcade mode. I know I'm in the minority, but I actually liked Time Crisis 4's story mode because it was a great twist on the stale FPS genre. Unfortunately, in RS this mode is virtually unplayable. The level design is so poor that it's hard to tell where you're supposed to go, there's no indication what in the environment you can destroy and sometimes you're required to do this to advance so you just walk around punching random objects hoping one breaks, you get caught on objects constantly, and enemies will often be able to hurt you even though you can't see them. The controls are a mess. You move with the left stick but you can't use it to adjust your view. To move the camera you have to aim at the sides of the screen so that means it's impossible to circle strafe or evade enemies and return fire at the same time. The buttons are a mess of unnecessary moves and poor placement. I actually stopped using the Guncon and switched over to a controller making it just another subpar FPS rather than a lightgun game. The controls still stink, your guns are still too weak, you still die too quickly, and it still isn't even remotely fun. I have nothing nice to say about this mode.
The game also includes "Sentry Mode" which sticks you in a guard tower during a prison escape and you have to pick off the criminals before they get out (you're assured that it's non-lethal weaponry, but, yeah...). It's a neat idea in theory but the camera is extremely slow to move, enemies take a lot of hits to go down and move quickly so unless you get a headshot you're too slow to follow them, and the guards and prisoners look very very very similar and as soon as you hit one guard the round is over. I wouldn't mind seeing the mode again as an extra in a later game, but it needs some work before it's actually fun.

Time Crisis 4- I already reviewed TC4 as a stand-alone game and it's the same here. Solid lightgun game and it still has the great rewards for beating the game multiple times like unlocking the unlimited ammo on special guns that makes the game crazy fun. Unfortunately, it's the arcade version of the game, so the Story mode from the PS3 game is missing.

Even if you ignore the lousy story mode and meh sentry mode in Razing Storm, this bundle is still well worth the money. At its original price, it would be pretty light on content but it's regularly on sale for $30 and I picked it up during a drop to $20. Even if you're not a huge fan of the lightgun game cheese, as long as you have a Guncon or the Move, you're getting three solid and, most importantly, fun games.