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LFL2- Either Too Many Chemicals Or Not Enough

On to the flashback proper! Oh they were so young and naive back then. A mere who knows how old and fresh to their powers and the ways of evil rather than the jaded and hip to the ways of evil Sins we know today. Yes, we're jumping faaar into the Wayback Machine on this one! Pride hasn't mastered its powers yet and Lust is still learning how to control her awesome super fighting hair!
I like to think that since Pride and Lust both express their powers in forms of morphing that they have a friendly rivalry going. Pride is restricted in what it can morph into but it has an easier time of doing so, where Lust has to put a lot of energy into it but has more freedom in the changes she can make to herself. And, of course, she's first to the glowing. Glowing is key.

Quick Review: Phantasy Star 0- PS0 (it's most definitely NOT PSO) is another of my rather quick turnaround games. The opening quests are fairly long (the first takes an hour) and you can't save during them, so that pretty much writes it out for playing on the train where I play the majority of my games now. It's a handheld game... I should be able to save wherever and whenever I want. Part of the reason the first quests take so long is that there are so many enemies and they have ridiculous amounts of health. There's no great strategy involved in fighting them, they're just ludicrously vital. You can also only damage an enemy when you're locked on to it (and the game is really picky about that) and you have to fight against your low accuracy stat on top of that. Basically, you're going to watch your sword move through enemies for zero damage A LOT. Your AI partners are borderline useless. They just stand around, they won't help you, and the damned healer wouldn't heal. She'd run into battle and start meleeing enemies, not heal herself or me, and then die in a few hits. Camera is horrible because it's in super tight and, if you have allies still alive, they block half the screen. You can lock on to enemies but you have to continuously hold the button, your movement drops to a crawl, and any time you dodge you lose the lock-on and the camera spins around to face away from the enemy. If it or you change position, you have to run away, turn around, tap L to center the camera, and do that every time you or the enemy moves to the side (which is often).
I played up until the second boss (who is just a stronger version of the first boss) and got so mad that I quit. The boss is huge but the arena is tiny, the boss constantly moves around so you can't keep it on the camera, it can kill you in two hits, it can keep using a move that knocks you to the ground and not let you heal or escape, it can hurt you from the other side of the screen where you can't target it, its moves can not connect with you but you'll still take damage, and it has an insane amount of health. I got my butt kicked, quit the quest to go level up, went up three levels (which took over an hour to do), upgraded my weapon 11 times, and upgraded my MAG yet I was still doing exactly the same amount of damage and still died in two hits at the boss. What's the point of leveling up if you don't actually get stronger? I beat the original PSO on the hardest difficulty without really a lot of problems and sunk hours into that game, so to get so infuriated and stuck on the second mission on this one kind of indicates that something is severely wrong with the game.