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LFL3- Flats Are For Wimps And Virtues

I think we can infer a couple of things from today's page. Mainly that the Sins didn't start off knowing each other! Gasp indeed. We don't even have the full team assembled yet so what are they supposed to do if the sudden need for a water polo team arises? These are the kind of important issues that the Forces of the Universe need to be prepared for. We also learned that Lust's shoes are awesome. Oh the hubris! No wonder Karma smote them to have squiggles when they're shades.

DDG updated over the weekend as well. With all the bustacular undead people you've come to expect.
Is too a word.

There's a new TWC voting image as thanks for helping the comic too! With Breck's arc done, I need an outlet for my superhero joneses. Click Greed's link to vote!

Quick Reviews: Lost in Shadow- The game has a neat idea behind its art style but it undercuts itself by making everything washed out and light bloomed out the wazoo. And the spots you have to search for to interact with the stage glow faintly white. So you're looking for a white glow on a white background in some cases. I spent fifteen minutes stuck on the third screen because I couldn't see one of the white-on-white glows and there's nothing to help you out. The camera is obsessed with showing you pointless things. If you're standing a few paces away from an item, the game will take control away from you, pan over to the item, and then pan back to you. There are no obstacles it's showing you, nothing it's warning you about, and the item is right in front of you clear as day. Why was that even remotely necessary? Every other room you enter also involves some kind of panning or dramatically showing you the area, only every area I visited basically looks the same and was nothing more than a drab stone and steel castle as its best. The combat feels wholly unnecessary. The controls are clunky, enemies require nothing more than doing a combo, walking away while it attacks, and repeat until it's dead, and if you die in combat, you have to do the whole stage over from scratch. If you fall in a pit, the game respawns you fairly close so it feels needlessly punishing to make you do the whole area over again for failing at combat. That's where I called it quits (roughly 20% of the way through the game in one sitting, so it doesn't seem like a long game). It had a neat concept but it didn't have anything fun or engaging about it. LiS could have made a great $5 WiiWare/PSN title if you sped it up and removed the enemies, but as a full release, it's not worth the asking price or time.