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Posted by Pip

LFL4- So Very Much Better

It's all these townsfolk's fault! If only they paid attention and were nice to Lust when she looked halfway normal, she wouldn't have to show off to get attention. We can lay all the blame (thanks?) on these people and their snubbing ways! Early Lust was so desperate to fit in. Modern Lust doesn't change her ears for anybody!

And for the new month, what better way to kick off the summer than with violence in our donation incentive wallpaper! Violence for money! With special guest stars. Oooh.

And of course the voting ranks over at TWC reset every month so it's time again when we can take leaps and bounds in front of the competition. Not that any comic out there can compete with Greed. He's just too awesome. You should still vote though...

Rounding out of end of the month fun, there's the matter of funny search strings that somehow led to Sins.
“waffles better than pancakes” - Hey, whoa. I'm okay talking about religion and politics on the site but that is a fight we do NOT need to get dragged into the middle of.
“super ugly people”, “the world's ugliest people” - Stop using Google to hurt my feelings!
“you are the mast of everything situation” - Depending on what that means, thank you or nuts to you too.