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Posted by Pip

LFL5- High Tolersince

The origins of the really important stuff starts now. We found who Lust's first enabler into the ways of raving alcoholism was. Curse you, flirty waitresses! Upselling your booze and making us buy appetizers. Stuffed baked potatoes are a meal unto themselves!
It's so weird drawing Lust with rounded ears. I had to fix them while inking in like every other panel. At least when she was in a golem, I was drawing a different body.

Quick Review: Dead Space 2- I called it quits on my second play session. Three chapters in and I hadn't seen a single new or interesting thing about the game. If you plopped me down in front of these levels and told me it was an expansion pack for DS1, I'd have no reason to doubt that. It has the same bad camera, same bad controls which you aren't allowed to customize, same enemies, and same phony "scares" that are telegraphed and stopped being interesting a year after we first saw a zombie dog burst through a window. The only spooky thing the game has going for it is that it will silently spawn enemies behind you. Constantly. That will make you jump the first few times, but it gets cheaper and cheaper as they keep on doing it. It's not legitimately scary, it's just an unfair way to drain your health. I don't understand why horror games feel the need to give you miniscule inventory space either. Or why a tiny power node is considered to be the same size as a giant gun. Within the first thirty minutes of playing the game, I fell through the floor and was forced to replay a chunk of tedious item collection and inventory management a second time. Not the most auspicious start to the game and I had no qualms about packing the game up, returning it, and just reading the non-ending on Wikipedia.