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Posted by Pip

LFL6- Drinking Makes You Popular And Cool

Now people are just teaching Lust bad habits! She's learned that excessive drinking and bogarting attention leads to rewards. But isn't she thoughtful with her rewards? The snacks, not the stolen girlfriend. Sharing one is keen, sharing the other leads to... issues. Maybe Lust just needs better pick up lines. “I have prehensile hair” is probably far better than “Tell me about yourself”.

We're updating page 6 of the series on June 6! Apocalypse scare! They were off by a month!

DDG updated over the weekend too. That might be more evidence for Rapture-ing...

The TWC voting incentive for the week finishes off this set of “What Could Have Been”s. Modesty is the master of the secret identity!

Quick Review: Donkey Kong Country Returns- I love the original Donkey Kong Country, the music here is fantastic, and the graphics and art style are great as well, but I didn't bother to complete even the first world on the new one. Why? Motion controls. In order to make DK ground pound or roll, you have to shake the controller. Rolling, one of the most important moves in the game gets mapped to imprecise and dodgy waggling. Shoehorning motion controls into a platformer, much less DKC, is the video game world's version of finding hair in food at a restaurant. Sure, you could finish it, but why would you want to. Send it back and get out of there.