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LFL8- Everybody Wants To See A Lust Sandwich

The night's not over until someone commits a little breaking and entering! It's their fault for closing the circus so early anyway. People need to be able to see bears on unicycles at all hours! Who could appreciate that spectacle more than a hammered bar patron? And for somebody that can pull boxes of loot out at a moment's notice, she'd probably be able to buy that bear a motorcycle and sit in the sidecar. I'm pretty sure rich people do that kind of thing.

I did an art trade with our buddies Thom and Darin over at Murry and Lewy. Thom asked me to do a picture where Lust gets a hold of Lewy, the less fan arted one. And well, those two have rent due and no jobs... You can see it at:

Darin should be whipping something up for us soon and I'll be sure to post it when he sends it over.
Read their comic at (the comic is in our Links section too, of course):

A reminder that not everything at the site is as safe and wholesome as our evil spirits and demons so hold an adult's hand when you cross the information superhighway and look both ways.
I haven't heard anybody say “information superhighway” in ages.

Cafepress is going to change their terms of service with some highly disagreeable new rules at the end of the month, so I've closed down the Sins shop there. It was never a money-maker for the site and hadn't been updated in a while so it's no real loss. But if you guys want any Sins merch or swag, just let me know and we can work something out on a case by case basis using a different company or something.

Quick Review: Kirby's Epic Yarn- From the very start, the story and narration are patronizingly childish. Listening to the narrator just made me mad, which is probably the exact opposite of what the creators intended. The game itself is cute and probably great for kids but I didn't stick with it for long just because I didn't want to put the time into it. Kirby no longer has the power to copy enemies' abilities and that's what made the stages fun and drove you to continue on. Who knew what kind of enemies would be in the next world and what kind of powers they would give you? Here, Kirby has all his abilities from the start and doesn't change or grow. Without the Copy ability, levels drag on and feel like filler. From a graphics standpoint, the game is amazing. They did a wonderful job making the world and characters look and feel like fabric. Maybe I would have enjoyed the game more if they hadn't called it a “Kirby” game. A Kirby game without Kirby's powers is pretty dull and not what I was looking forward to.
And on a side-note, just how does Kirby know the grass feels like pants if he's always naked? Huh, Kirby? Huh?! In fact, the only character I can think of in the franchise that actually does wear pants is Adeleine. Is that why she's not in the game? Did Kirby eat her?!