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LFL9- Endorphsins

Lust starts learning that her powers have a kind of awesome side effect. And of course the guy takes credit for it. Desire and lovin' increase her power so she gets a heck of a kick when she generates it herself. A perpetual motion machine of awesomeness!

There's a new TWC voting incentive for the week! From the cutest banker to ever sell you a predatory loan.

And there's some new art in the Fan Works section of the forums too. Give me some feedback on it! Pleeeaaase.

A friend of mine is working on a game project and his team entered a contest through his school. Voting is open to the public so head on over to the page and try them out! Some of the game's have really long loading times, so if you just see a blank page, give it time.

You can vote for your three favorites at:

His team did the Viking Vengeance/Loki's Challenge game. Obviously I'm not asking you to just vote for his, but I think that if you play the others (assuming you can get some of them to work), you'll easily agree that theirs is one of the best. Go play Poncho Perry and then come back here and apologize for every mean thing you've ever said about how bad the games I make myself are.

Just to round out the day, some comics reviews!
Chew- Just one book in, Chew has become one of my favorite comic series. It has a dynamic art style, likable characters, and great writing that's funny when it needs to be but still creates a larger world and an interesting mystery. It's most definitely not for the weak of stomach as it can get gruesome, but it's rarely disgusting just for the sake of shock value. When it gets gross, that's a part of the story and important to the characters and the plot. A definite recommendation.

The Incredibles- I picked this one up for free in an Amazon deal and was pleasantly surprised. I loved the movie so I was expecting some cash-in material but it's good enough to stand on its own. It acknowledges and works off the movie but uses that to build its own material. It's definitely more aimed at kids, but the writing is funny and the art is animated so there's still plenty there for grown-ups. Some frequent nitpicks on things in the background (the awesome retro Mr. Incredible poster in Bob's study turns from his old outfit on one page to his modern one on the next, Bob somehow has a mugshot of Syndrome in his costume, and small stuff like that) but as somebody that's forgotten to draw a gauntlet or two in the past, they're easy mistakes to make. If you're looking to get a son/niece/whatever into reading comics, it's a good place to start.

Abyss- I'm all for super hero parodies and while there is a lot of funny material in here, I didn't feel like I enjoyed the book as much as I should have. It's funny and has a good overall plot but in total, it feels inconsequential. The characters feel like they're cautious parodies instead of the writers jumping all in. One of the heroes is basically Batman minus Bruce Wayne's billions so he has to fund being a hero by selling merchandise. I love that concept but it only gets mentioned two or three times and for the rest of the time, he just acts Batman-y. It's worth a read if you pass it around amongst friends, but given how short it is, it doesn't seem like the greatest value.