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LFL10- Evolution Led Up To Booze

Can't you just feel the friendship radiating off of everybody? There are calls to join in Happy Hours, snacky cakes are shared, and the hugs, people! The hugs. Clearly the Sins were a collection of awesome and kindness when it was just the four of them. I blame Greed for bringing them all down and into the ways of evil. Cute little fiend was behind it what with his monkey tail and all...

So after all the complaints I got about not having an RSS feed set up, after starting them, I haven't heard anything back. Is anybody using them? Are they working well? Give me some feedback.

Long, Freemasons run the country Review: Red Faction: Armageddon- Granted my only previous experience with the Red Faction series before this was Guerrilla, but the two don't really share all that much outside of your character's last name, that it takes place on Mars, and that you can knock buildings down with a super hammer. The previous one was about class struggles, military occupation, and civilian uprisings. This one is about shooting space bugs. Seriously. The entire game is about shooting space bugs that it never bothers to explain where they came from or provide information above and beyond “they bad”. How did the bad guys mind meld with the bugs? What was that even about? I don't like the way they changed the salvage process either. In Guerrilla, you got salvage by destroying the occupation's building and supplies and you'd use this to upgrade your weapons and you were penalized for destroying your faction's stuff. Here, since there is no opposing faction outside of space bugs, you have to destroy your own stuff to get scrap. Story-wise, that's really dumb and doesn't seem like it was thought through. Society is pushed back and struggling to survive, so you walk around blowing up their generators and buildings so can get a stronger gun. That kind of feeds into my feeling that the game has a completely unlikable main character. He has no redeeming qualities and to make matters worse, he's an idiot. Every bad thing that happens in the game happens because of his own stupidity or greed. Mainly the stupidity. There are characters that point this out but the game treats them like they're crazy or the bad guys. You even have the cliched former military commander that bad mouths Mason, who, of course, punches him in the face. You get the feeling that this was supposed to be a "Go, Mason! Hoorah!" moment, but the commander is completely right. Mason is an idiot and he is a danger to himself and others. Perhaps the most insulting part is the finale. The game opens with the bad guys destroying Mars's terraformer (apparently there's only one that services the entire planet) and the griping finale hinges on you repairing the terraformer. A process that takes less than 30 minutes. There are maybe five things inside the facility that you have to repair and that's really all it takes. Years of people suffering and hiding underground and who knows how many hundreds or thousands of people dead all because it never dawned on a single person to fix the big machine that everybody depends on to live. So maybe I was took hard on Mason for being near brain dead. Apparently every person on Mars is a moron. You know, come to think of it, the finale mentions that there's no air on Mars with the terraformer down, yet several times in the game you return to the surface and nobody takes any precautions. No helmets, breathing mechanisms, or magic air pills. What the heck are they breathing?
I need to stop putting thought into the game... And without thought, you're left with the unending space bug violence. There's far too much combat. Fights are frequent and the game's way of making things difficult is to just throw mobs of enemies at you. Why kill a couple of space crickets when you can kill dozens in a single room? There are even choke points in lots of the areas so you can just stand in one spot and amass a rather nice carcass pile. Even if you complete an objection or open up the route to the next area, the game locks you in the room until you kill every one of the space bugs that comes pouring out of the walls. Just to make everything all that much more annoying, most of the enemies are cowards too. They jump around the walls and hide behind obstructions so you have to wait for them to stop flying around and hunt them down. You don't even really get to cut loose with crazy Mars weapons since the remotely interesting weapons run out of ammo after one or two fights. In a game that takes place on Mars, in the future, with crazy advanced nanotechnology, I spent the majority of the game fighting space bugs with a pistol.
RF:A certainly isn't a terrible game, it just doesn't do anything really well or do anything special. If you all you want is a shooter where you kill a lot of space bugs, it's your game. If you want something more than repetitive combat, enemy generators, bad writing, and cliched situations and characters, look somewhere else.
Sins Committed: Repetitive combat, Bad characters, Bad writing, Short
Virtues Acted: Helps cure people of their fear of crickets? MARS crickets