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Posted by Pip

LFL12- We Invented Ice Cream Too

Nobody makes out like humans make out. In your face, other species! They may act tough, but anteaters are totally bummed out right now.
I spent some time making sure you could see the stars in the lake and then after shrinking the page down to posting size, they all but disappeared. Nuts. So if you can see them, aren't they pretty? If you can't, it's so ridiculously awesome and the greatest thing ever seen in any comic ever. Trust me.

DDG updated over the weekend too. If you didn't catch it when it went up on Saturday, it was ridiculously awesome and the greatest thing ever seen in any comic ever.

And for our TWC voting incentive, more anagrams! Because grammar is ridiculously awesome. Which is an anagram for: A Seducers Wooly Ilium. Think about THAT when you click that picture of a fuzzy Greed with his large pelvis to vote for us...

Quick Review: Okamiden- I don't normally mention graphics in reviews, but when they're this lousy they get called out. Okami would have made a really need Metroidvania-style game, but why companies try to do graphics heavy 3D on the DS is beyond me. It doesn't look anywhere near as good as the PS2 version and it's distractingly bad. Oh, and they drew in Ammy's anus. So in a game where the camera is low and behind your character the whole time, you can see his anus. Have fun with that. Just like the original Okami, there's an overabundance of dialogue, maybe a tenth of it that's actually amusing or useful. During gameplay, you can speed it up by pressing a button but you can't do this for cutscenes and there's a ridiculously long delay in when text boxes advance. I found myself skipping all the cutscenes solely so I didn't have to sit around. A four-way directional pad isn't up to the job of combat in 3D so fights are clunky and boring. In the first half an hour, you have to backtrack through the same area three times pretty much just for the heck out it. I just don't have the patience for a game with this many issues right at the start and in all honesty, I barely gave it a chance because it annoyed me that much in just its opening. Maybe it gets better as you move along but I value my time too much to sink more into it on the off chance that the design changes.