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Posted by Pip

LFL13- May Contain Adult Situations

For all the kids in the audience, they just played a rousing game of Boggle that went into sudden death. That's all. You may return to your cartoons, Beanie Babies, or whatever it is you kids do these days.
For the rest of us, Lust could do a lot worse for her first love. Devon likes her back, he's a doctor, and he's not afraid to to wear a smashing pair of yellow boxers. Confidence!

Quick Review: X-Men: First Class- Even for non-comic fans, X-Men would still be well worth a watch. Compared to other comic movies, it's great and compared to the last few X-Men movies, it's a masterpiece. I've read some reviews that complained that the movie has too many characters and I can definitely see where that's coming from, but if you were a fan of the comics in the 90s, collected any of the trading cards, or watched the cartoon, you'll know enough about them to fill in the details. It's very much a movie about Professor X, Magneto, and Sebastian Shaw and all the characters are written well and the actors suit the roles. Kevin Bacon makes an awesome villain bent on world domination. The only two characters I didn't care for were Angel and Darwin. Angel has a pretty weak role, lame side-powers (fiery spit?), and the special effects on her flying are really cheesy. Darwin is handled poorly, they use him for a horrible “saying 'slavery' is deep because he's black” moment, and his role goes nowhere. The main characters are great, the story was well-crafted, and the action scenes looked great.