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LFL16- First Do No Harm

Second, don't perform major reconstructive possessions on people recovering from illness. Most doctors don't remember that next part of the Hippocratic Oath. And that's why the healthcare industry is so messed up.
Lust figures out some of the fun side effects of having powers! And figures them out on somebody that's drugged up and less likely to take a swing at her! And we all learned a valuable lesson about glowing. If you see somebody doing it, poke them. It will either make them more awesome or somebody will gain super powers.

A quick status report on our DDG freebie experiment. I'm happy to be moving it along quicker and it's nice getting more comments and feedback on it, but donations have dropped so it does seem like the “donations for thank you incentives” is the viable model for bonuses rather than releasing freebies before payment. Cutting out the shading does make things move along much quicker, so we'll give it another month and see how things go.

I had my iPod out on my desk at work and my wallpaper is the DeathKong picture in the gallery. My manager walked by, looked down at it, and asked me if that was a Pokemon. I'm not sure if that's a compliment or an insult. Death may not take that well.

Quick Review: Kung Fu Rider- I sooo wanted Kung Fu Rider to be good and I was horribly disappointed because of that. It's the kind of game where you hear the premise and you immediately want the accompanying game to be fantastic. That premise being that a third rate detective cheesed off the mob and the only way to escape them to to jump on a wheely chair and ride it down a hill to safety. 99% of why the game is terrible rests on the motion controls. They're some of the most unresponsive and poorly implemented I've ever used. To build momentum you wave the remote back and forth and to jump you thrust the remote up in the air, but more often than you'd expect, the game will read waving the remote as holding it up and make you jump at really stupid times. To dash you have to thrust the remote towards the screen but this only works maybe one out of five times you try it. To steer, you tilt the remote to the sides and to do a hard turn you tilt and hold the remote to the edges of the screen, but the level at which the game picks up that you want a hard turn varies drastically. Sometimes it goes right into the turn other times you have to lean and stretch as far as you can to do the move and by the time the game recognizes it, you've already slammed into a wall and it's too late. Even if the motion controls were remotely competent, playing with a regular controller would still have been more fun. If the game was playable, it would have made a fantastic $5-$10 PSN game, but as a full release in the sorry shape it's in, it's not even worth a rental.