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Posted by Pip

LFL17- Better Living Through Science And Drugs

When the mystic arts don't work, just start chugging the sleepy meds! They can't sue you for malpractice if they stay in that drugged up haze. Then again, it may not improve Lust's image in her new best friends' eyes if she puts her first patient in a coma. And that's the look of a woman that wants to be best friends. Bridesmaid material even!

Don't forget that the TWC ratings reset every month so voting for Sins as the best webcomic of ALL TIME (or just those listed) at the beginning of the month counts more!

We have a new wallpaper for the new month and everybody is getting in on summer time fun and showing a little skin. Even though the vast majority of my cast doesn't really have normal skin...

And some summery funny search strings that somehow led to Sins. I'll continue to work more “s”s into these sentences.
“dr zin”- I froze up trying to pick from a Harvey Birdman or a Venture Bros. quote. Dr. Z is just too awesome to pick one.
“where is nanny face mumpet babies” - Animal mauled her horribly and it's off camera for a reason.
“antiseptic poetry comic” - It rubs the iodine on its skin or else it gets the hose again.
Man, that was kind of dark...