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LFL18- They Need Collars

Hey, if parents aren't going to tag and license their children then it sounds like the kids are up for grabs. If it's good enough for dogs, it will work with children! Ah well, looks like Lust was a fan of parenthood from the early years and Rhett can't claim he caused that personality quirk with his premium genetic structure. If “pasty white and frail” doesn't scream genetic superiority than that lady just doesn't have a clue. I'm going to keep telling myself that too.

There's a new TWC voting incentive image for the week if you pledge your allegiance to Sins. Political cartoon or funny hat, you decide! (It's the second one)

Quick Review: Green Lantern DS- I have almost nothing positive to say about this game. If you remember the godawful movie cash-ins from the SNES and Genesis days, this would be right at home with them. It starts off by looking almost exactly like the awesome DS Spider-Man games with a Green Lantern makeover, but the gameplay is horrible. It's almost nothing but endless repetitive combat against the same enemies that have way too much health over and over. Seconds after killing an enemy, another one magically appears. You don't get experience for killing them and all you get is a tiny sliver of health back (which you probably lost fighting the enemy anyway, or which you can refill for free by standing still in a safe spot) so there is absolutely no point in fighting enemies. Except that the game frequently places them in front of objects you need to get by or locks you in a small space until you kill all the enemies in that area. Then some enemies have shields that can only be destroyed by using a projectile against them so you just sit there jamming that button until the shield goes down and then you walk over and start jamming the melee button until it dies. And god forbid that you try to just run away because they will chase you down or the sniper enemies will be able to pick you off from screens away. If you're running, the game plays as: fly a few feet, shield to let all the projectiles hit you and dissipate, fly a little more, shield, and on and on. You can collect new constructs by finding random objects spotted around the levels (apparently Hal has never seen a car before in his life so he can't construct one until you find that very specific one he needs for inspiration) which sounded like a neat idea but it ultimately seems pointless. Aside from the cosmetic difference in hitting an enemy with a statue of a Guardian or with a giant anvil, I couldn't see a difference between the two. One doesn't seem stronger, faster, or more useful than the other, so why spend time hunting them down if they don't do anything? Better yet, just don't play this game.