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LFL20- Wedding Sinvitations

I just couldn't pass up a reference to the super powers. I think when we look back like this, everything bad is Lust's fault. Just look at all the tempting karma she's done! Hubris over her awesome shoes, wanting to take care of kids, and showy super powers. She's probably inadvertently created a Karma Force with all this madness. And Envy just sat there complicit in their downfall... Maybe it's because he's getting all the hugs. Nobody hugs lovable Anger! No wonder he turns to human sacrifices.

Quick Review: Alien Zombie Death- While the game is temporarily free, they do normally charge for it, so I don't have any qualms about writing a review. AZD is the mini-est of the PSN Minis that I've seen. You shoot at creatures that appear from the edge of the screen and get points and build up a multiplier by doing it quickly. That's... about it. It does what it set out to do but what it set out to do is like a Flash game from ten years ago.