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C19- Tract And Field

One of my bestest friends is a missionary so there are a few pages devoted to him and even based off some real events, in a somewhat fictionalized and funned-up manner.
I used to live three doors down from a Jehovahís Witness temple/meeting hall/Iím not sure of the proper term, but they rarely ever actually knocked on the door and gave us something. It kind of makes you feel self-conscious. There was a Mormon missionary that rode by our house too and didnít stop. That kind of hurt. Being snubbed by one religion is one thing, but being snubbed by twoÖ that hurts.

Check out the gallery either now or in a little while (depending on when you read this) for some new pictures. There is a most-certainly unique take on the Sins by another of my bestest friends, Kramer, and an evilly sexy Lust by the Internetís own TK. Thanks, all!