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LFL22- The Hair Gives It Away

Lust is eternally cute in poofy dresses. The lady can rock the shoulder puffs on any dress you throw at her. Although, poor Envy still gets stuck with being the short guy. Just because he crawls on the ground, they couldn't find him a nice basketball player to possess during the wedding. Isn't that what all wedding guests are really asking for? That and free food. Moochers. Maybe possessions should started counting for the “something borrowed” aspect of the wedding trinity. Beats the heck out of wearing a dead relative's jewelry!

Happy Bastille Day to all our Slapeggs en francais! Google Translate spits out paresse, luxure, colère, fierté, envie, gourmandise, and avidité so you guys get to be Calf Pegs or Clef Gaps. Enjoy that.

Quick Review: Green Lantern: Emerald Knights- As a non-hardcore fan, the movie was a bit slow in parts but I liked the focus on the bit players and side characters instead of being another retelling of Hal or Sinestro's stories. The movie seems to struggle because it doesn't know who its audience is though. If you're a Green Lantern fan, spending 15 minutes leading up to the reveal of Mogo's identity is a waste of those 15 minutes. It's like watching a mystery movie when you already know who the killer is. If you aren't a GL fan, some of the prescient lines will either fly over your head or just not make sense and the influence of Atrocious and some things that he does and talks about will be meaningless. Heck, even being a fan, the Core comes across as a creepy religious cult rather than a cosmic police squad. They do keep the chanting of that ridiculous oath to a minimum, so that helps. The art is markedly different from the usual DC animated movies, employing a cartoonier style. I like it because it suits the diverse alien cast. It's pretty hard to take the franchise seriously if it tries to make some of the species realistic. I mean, you have everything from squirrels to guys that are nothing more than a head with legs so it just calls for a cartoony style. Female members of the Core really get ripped off though. The two prominently featured female Lanterns are wearing little more than a swimsuit with sleeves and a tube top/mini skirt combination whereas every single featured male character is wearing a full body suit or armor. Can you sue the overseers of the Universe for sexual discrimination?