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LFL23- Devon Who

They sure missed out on a knock knock joke there. A few astute readers pointed out that Lust let out a bit of an uncontrolled glow back on page LFL13 and that seems to have a few consequences now. Maybe she should have listened to Pride and worked on control... More details on the next page! For now, suspense! Oh and it's a weekend so it's an extra long tease!
I wanted to keep the color scheme a bit similar to Breck's wedding to get kind of a wedding theme established for the world. Both Lust and Breck have bright blue/greens and Devon and Westington have similar gray with darker gray dress shirts. Classy.

Quick Review: Pursuit Force- PF has a fun premise where you play as a cop straight out of a cheesy action movie. You're given permission to do anything it takes to bringing down your targets and this pretty much always entails driving down a highway, guns blazing, as you leap on top of cars, gun down the criminals inside, and then highjack the vehicle. It's incredibly stupid and that's why it can be so fun. Unfortunately, once you get outside of the premise, it quickly falls apart. If you deviate from how the game intends you to complete a mission, it's an instant loss. One mission has you protecting a couple of FBI boats from mobsters. I saw a few coming up behind us, so I cut the engines to drop back to stop the mobsters before they got close but that led to a failure. The game started yelling at me for abandoning my crew but no matter how fast I drove, everybody was speeding away from me and I couldn't catch up. After restarting the mission, I didn't drop back and found that everybody drives at double speed until the mobsters catch up to the FBI boats and then everybody goes back to normal, so that's why I couldn't catch up. It's stupid stuff like that where you haven't done anything wrong, you just didn't follow the unknown script, that drags the game down. One mission has you reenacting Speed, but it's terrible. Practically every time you so much as turn or re-angle the bus, it drops under the speed constraint and there are no checkpoints so once you explode, you have to do everything all over again. Or you'll be in a chase scene where enemies get stuck at double speed and there's no way for you to catch up. I chased a boss from start to finish and the only time I ever got any closer to him was when he slowed down at corners. By the time I caught up to him, the level was over so there was no way I could have caught and killed him in the time limit. Your vehicles' handling is also extremely glitchy and frequently craps out. In one mission, my controls suddenly reversed and in another, I tapped to move to the left and I was suddenly did a 180 and was driving the wrong way. The time limits you're under would be ridiculously strict on their own, but when you combine that with all the other problems the game has and it's borderline unplayable. I was failing mission after mission through little to no fault of my own so I called it quits. It isn't fair and it isn't fun.