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LFL24- Cold Squiggly Feet

Heart-breaking indeed. In her post-making love power boost, she accidentally zapped Devon and ramped up his feelings for her until the power dissipated here. On the upside, at least it wore off BEFORE the wedding, right? Then they'd have to give back all the wedding gifts and that makes for an awkward conversation. “Yeah, turns out he didn't actually love me enough to marry me, but hey, you get your blender back.”
While writing this chapter, I had to go back and forth on when I wanted Lust to zap Devon. On my first pass, she got him in the bar, but that was really before he had a chance to actually love her and for them to do... things together of their free will. It made her feel more like she was molesting him than just that she accidentally super charged his feelings. I settled on just after their night together because that seemed like when Lust's power would be the strongest and would have more overflow and it established that they were both consenting.

Just so that pretty wedding dress doesn't go to waste, it shows up in this week's TWC voting incentive. Vote for Sins, feel the love, and spread the love.

DDG updated over the weekend as well. A combination of death and weddings, hooray. More like two kinds of death, amirite?! Thank you, I'm here three times a week! Tip your waitress!

Quick Review: Fear 3- Fear is a series that crashed and burned big time. The first was a pretty good shooter with a neat gimmick that made it fun enough to get through the firefights to enjoy the spooky bits. Fear 3 is an as generic as you can get cover-based shooter that just happens to have really bloody bits that aren't remotely scary and that you've seen already in the previous games. For what little I bothered to see, almost no thought went into the level design. You run down corridors, come across an open area, dozens of enemies pour in, and repeat. The second level swaps corridors for tight alleys and cramped tenements. Thrilling. And just getting from area to area is a pain since there's no indication of what doors you can open until you get right up to them and they all look the same. So it's just you trying to find the one door you can open among a dozen you can't. Enemies are complete bullet sponges even if you lower the difficulty to the lowest setting so it progresses like every single other cover-based shooter. Run to cover, fire off a few shots, hide, wait for your regenerating health to fill up, and repeat until the game decides you've killed enough cowardly grunts and the level ends. If you're looking for a spooky fun game, avoid this one. Even if you like mindless cover-heavy shooters, you have dozens and probably hundreds of other options at this point so pass on Fear 3. Or "F3AR" as it's written in the game. That alone is reason enough to hate it.