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LFL25- More Awkward Than Hazing

Bam! Greed is a part of the group for all of two minutes and he's already of use. Fuzzy monkey is credit to team. I mean, before Greed joined up, your snuggle-able options are pretty limited. You have hard, pointy, or squishy. Crying into something fuzzy wins every time. Assuming you can get Anger to stick around... Anger doesn't go for this touchy feely emotional business.
I wanted her failed relationship to influence Lust for some time. It had to end fairly poorly for her to have a gap from Devon to Rhett and even with Rhett, she wasn't able to get herself to officially tie the knot. I hadn't planned it but after seeing the similarities in her wedding dress to her kind of “default” outfit, I redesigned what she's wearing here to be kind of an in-between from her wedding dress and the outfit she wore in Rhett's story.

Quick Review: Little Big Planet PSP- The PSP LBP is a surprisingly faithful reproduction of the PS3 game given that it's on a handheld. It has the same visual style and same funky but cheery music so you'll get the LBP vibe very quickly. It still has the lousy jumping physics but they seem to be slightly more forgiving and uses the terrible multi-plane levels but thankfully it's down to two instead of three. However, and part of it might be that I played the PS3 version first, the package as a whole is a lot less impressive. Instead of being divided into unique stories, worlds are now continents that really only differ in the stickers and backgrounds used and are looked over by slightly racist caricatures. It's not mean spirited, it's more... Punch Out-style racism. The level design really breaks down as you advance with the later levels just not being any fun at all. I got to probably the first to last world and called it quits because of some "puzzle" where I had to roll a ball into a hole by rotating a wheel and it was just a complete pain in the butt. The PSP nub is not good for making fine movements in any game, but LBP seems to handle them especially poorly and this puzzle required multiple precise quick movement. Some of the levels on the PS3 version could get frustrating but they were nowhere near as bad as these ones. Everything is too small to really see well too, so it doesn't feel as interesting to customize your tiny squished up Sackboy knowing you can't enjoy it. Since mostly everything is similar to the PS3 version, only worse, if you've played one, you don't need to play the other. And given that the PS3 version is bigger and easier to create in, you may as well go with one of those two if you have the option.