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Posted by Pip

LFL28- Lucid And Lustid Dreaming

I thought it was good to bookend the flashback with the modern day Lust and Rhett scenes to show the difference between their relationship and Lust and Devon's. L+R legitimately care for each other and there are no powers involved to make it so. Where Devon was mindlessly supportive of Lust, Rhett can poke fun at her. You're not real friends if you can't mock each other when the situation calls for it! And accuse each other of necrophilia, but hopefully that doesn't come up much in your relationships. Seriously. Don't do that. And if you do, don't talk about it. Ever.
So what happened to Devon? Some things are best left to the imagination! Did they rough him up? Did Anger thank him for getting Lust on the road of hate and conquest? Was Envy really worried about a rash and this was the first doctor he'd met to take a look at it? It's not the last one.

Quick Review: Jikandia- From what I stuck around for, the writers of Jikandia either thought they were really funny or they desperately desperately wanted to be funny because they FORCE their humor and shove it in your face. It feels like somebody looked over the script and sent back notes that it had to include 20% more references and be 13% wackier. Dialogue is also very slowly displayed one line at a time, so it's there and in your face to scrutinize. Getting into gameplay, it's a platformer masquerading as an RPG but combat is very button mashy and your attacks randomly stop working, leading you to walk into enemies and take damage. The game does exactly what it says it intends to so I'm not sure how harshly to judge it. It asks you how long you want to play for and then generates a dungeon that lasts roughly that long. So... success for the game, right? You said you wanted a ten minute dungeon and you wind up playing the game for roughly ten minutes. The problem is that say for that ten minute dungeon, eight minutes of it is filler of a random sequence of repeating rooms slightly jumbled, followed by a boss fight, and then the level ends. By telling the game you want to play longer, you're just increasing the amount of filler you have to play for, so there's no sense of accomplishment or glory in overcoming obstacles. The dungeon is long solely for the sake of being long. But that's how it's intended to be... The game has successfully taken up the amount of time you said you had to kill but you're no better for having spent that time. If anything, it made me feel super guilty about killing ten minutes on something completely inconsequential and that's not really a feeling I want to have when I'm trying to have fun.