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Posted by Pip

LFL29- LFL Epilogue 1

The Sins can't hog all the flashback fun! Oh for the days when the Virtues were bright-eyed, healthy, finding joy in life and not in the misery of others, and weren't running around shirtless. Maybe Chastity's skill at opening their rifts is correlated with how long her hair is. She seems to be struggling a bit here. Both with fashion and opening holes to other realms. At least it's not as freaky as normal Labor. Poor guy hasn't learned the wonders of blasting his biceps yet.

Quick Review: Infamous 2- The best part of the first game was how amazing the opening was. In this one, you have to spam the fire button. No expansive exciting set pieces this time around, just mashing a button. You fight a giant humanoid that is referred to as the Beast that had everybody freaking out at the end of Infamous 1. It's a just big dude. Not really "Beast" material. If you liked the first, you'll like this one because it's pretty much the same thing all over again. The same bad parkour. The same constant gun fights. The same collectathons. The same fluff missions. The same trick of trying to sell the game as a kick ass superhero experience when it's really just another shooting game, only instead of shooting bullets you shoot lightning bolts. Since I wasn't a fan of the first one, I gave it a night to impress me or do something interesting and the only new addition I came across is that you now have a melee attack. That's rather weak and has a long wind up time. In a shooting game. Okay, the second addition you'll notice is that the new voice actor for Cole is horrible. The original was pretty bad and overdid the Bale-esq gruffness, but the new guy is just annoying. Is it really THAT hard to cast what's essentially just an average guy off the street? You could probably just pull an average guy off the street and he'd do a better job.