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Posted by Pip

LFL30- LFL Epilogue 2

Finishing off our good time flashback happy hour, we get a deeper look at Chastity's descent into angry, twitching bitterness. Thanks a lot, humanity! You ruined Lust and now you drove Chastity to the controlling jerk we all know and fear but still kind of love. And, aliens, if you're the ones abducting her and performing glowy experiments on her... Not cool, aliens. Modesty is less than phased by having its boss materialize out of a rift in the sky though. You take that kind of stuff in stride when you have a bag on your head.
I guess if you really think about it, Chastity is a bit slow on the uptake here. When you're unable to talk to, dance, or make out with guys in bars, you might just look in the mirror, see the word “Chastity” stamped on your forehead, and put two and two together.

We expand our powers of mind control with some search strings that led to the site. Yes, all of Google is our pawn...
“xenomorph”- It's not funny, I just like that 17 people searched for that term and landed at Sins. In your face, Aliens. Your phallic, nightmare-inducing faces.
“loser adam”- OH COME ON!
“plants that compliment azaleas”- Definitely not Gluttony. She gets into this whole “yo momma” thing with azaleas. It's... it's not pretty, folks.
“the sin of sell your friends”- Yes, I will agree that selling your friends would likely fall into some category of sin.
“mass effect 2 urinal”- Mission accomplished.

And the most important part, a new wallpaper for the new month! The Sins don't handle the heat well. When you're part goo and squiggle, the blazing sun isn't your friend.

There's a new TWC voting incentive for the week up as well. Kicking off the new month with some anagram fun. Because when you think evil spirits, you think language humor!