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Posted by Pip

C20- Animal Abusive

Somewhat of a throw back to the original story in case new readers missed it. Animals can tell that the Sins’ hosts are missing souls and that doesn’t sit well with the animal kingdom.
The first page based off somewhat real events. Granted the dog that chased my missionary friend was probably a lot bigger than Muffin/Toby, it’s still fun to laugh at the idea. Or at him. One of the two.

Another month! Hurrah. This was a daaarn hard month to pick a favorite search string for, because there were a lot of good ones. The winner ended up being : “who sins?”
It’s a darn good search. But isn’t the answer “everybody”? Maybe that can be a slogan for the site. People can walk around with pins saying “Who Sins” and the uninitiated will think it’s a religious deal, but we’ll all know that comics are where the answers lay. Then we will mock them. Loudly and with great joy.
A new month also means a new wallpaper. Double Hurrah.