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Posted by Pip

MRL1- Virterrogation

It's the start of a new chapter and we've already established our host. Hooray! We're starting off with the Virtues so I get to make godawful Virtue titles for the comics instead of godawful Sins ones! Double hooray! Apparently there's some kind of trouble a-brewin' and this kid looks like he's in it deep. Or Chastity has finally snapped and gone off the deep end. More so.
When I first wrote this page, Chastity had already decided to send Labor in and Content intervened when he was heading into the room. I pushed it back a bit because it just seemed TOO mean, even for Chastity. Granted, our host's muteness strikes her as something of a surprise so it wouldn't entirely have been her fault but I think it plays better if she's stopped before she goes too far. And Labor has standards. He's not going to pick on just anybody.

The timeline in the forums has been updated for the new arc as well.

Don't forget that the TWC voting rankings reset at the beginning of every month, so voting for Sins helps us get even higher in the ranks if you vote early! You'll feel more love in your life knowing how much it means to Sloth. He doesn't show it, but there's love there.

I said last month that I'd give an update on how the experiment with DDG updating for free was going, so here we are. We did well in donations this month but it was mainly thanks to some more generous than usual donations from a smaller pool of people. If you factor those out (which I think is reasonable because it isn't fair to place most of the donation burden on two or three people), donations would have been down similar to last month. Again, it's not a huge drop, but it's still a drop. So extra kudos, love, and thanks to all of you that are donating! Even those of you that just send a buck, it means a lot and I'm grateful! After some soul searching (get it? 'cause they're dead!), how I've decided to play this out is to continue updating DDG for free because I'm close to the end I had planned for the story. Instead of continuing it in a second phase of the story, we're going to bring a end to Zip's tale and then I'll move on to a different donation incentive comic using the regular update schedule. I'm using the end I originally planned on having for Zip so it's not like I'm bringing it to a screeching halt just to get it over with and there are still a dozen or so pages to go, so there will still be DDG for a bit. Thanks as always to all of you that help support Sins and DDG both financially and with fan art, comments, and sacrifices to the pagan gods of comicry!