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MRL3- I Dub Thee Cuddles

Marlowe gets to sneak in his name before Content jumps in with a cute “Fluffy”-esq moniker. Kind of a shame. And cookies! What else can help your appetite than some light kidnapping? 9 out of 10 uncredited doctors recommend it over jogging!
Oh, uh and the world might be imploding while all this is going on. But hey, at least they snuck some cookies out before the Apocalypse.

Some cross words were passed towards ponies at the end of the last arc, so this week's TWC voting incentive is our penance! Magically friendful penance.

DDG updated over the weekend too but that's less friendly. Zip is a nice Death though, but avoid shaking his hand just in case. Click that link in the tabs to your left to join in the fun.

Quick Review: Knights in the Nightmare- KitN take a lot to get into. Part of it is how nonsensical and dense the opening is, the excessively long tutorial, and then there's the constant loading. It can load, go into a dialogue sequence of three or four text boxes, and then it's back to another loading screen. The introduction doesn't make much sense to the point that I didn't have a clue as to what was going on and nothing about it made me care enough to want to find out. The gameplay fares just as poorly. It's overly complex to a level that's just silly rather than being deep or intriguing. To kill an enemy, you have to equip a unit with a weapon (the game won't tell you what units can equip what so it's trial and error until you find the right weapon type), move the cursor over the unit, hold down X until the unit charges up enough to attack in a large enough range for the enemy to walk into, use your cursor to collect the crystals that fly out, repeat this until you have enough crystals to do a special move, move the cursor to the upper-left, select your weapon, drag that weapon on to the unit, hold X long enough for the unit to charge again, continue holding X so the unit charges the meter a second time to activate the special move, and then release the button with the enemy in your range. All that to kill one regular enemy. That's not a rich combat system, that's laughable. The first battle you enter even has enemies you can't kill yet. The company does nice artwork and that's what made me rent the game, but I'm seriously glad I didn't pay anything for it. From the get-go, it fails in both story and gameplay. Maybe once you really get into it and find out everything that's going on and build up your battle abilities it really opens up, but I don't want to waste the time getting to that point. If a game isn't "playable" within the first hour, it goes back in the mail.