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MRL4- Beaten Up By Cloud Jocks

So many “dun dun duuuuun”s for today's page! What's going on with the world? What's up with Sharing? Where are the Sins? Can I PLEASE start a game show and get Rockapella to do the score in order to find out these answers?!

Long, Red-Yellow, Yellow, Red-Yellow, Yellow-Kick pedal Review: Rock Band 3- Compared to RB2, Rock Band 3 is set up is differently. It's not really better and it's not really that much worse; it's just different. You now earn items by completing gigs and challenges rather than earning money. This means you don't have much choice on what you wear until the game gives you something good instead of being able to save up for the one item you want, but on the plus side, it opens up the clothing options for all members of your band. Oddly enough, you have to grind events to progress in the career mode now and that's probably the worst addition to the game. Getting a gold rating on every beginning tour event only puts you about halfway to unlocking the next tier and playing individual songs doesn't earn you fans. It's basically a way to punish people that don't have multiple instruments. Without all of them, you can only get fans by completing harder and more time consuming goals. So while your career progress may be minimal, you're stuck doing the more advanced challenges from the start. The numbers don't even make sense from the game's perspective. I really don't think you're considered just a "garage band" when you have over 400,000 fans. Each set has a challenge that help to keep things interesting, but it can also mean that you don't complete a tour even if you get 5-stars on every song. If you 5-star every song but don't deploy Overdrive enough times or don't get enough streaks or some other extra requirement, you won't get enough points to get a Gold on the tour and then you won't unlock all the items and fans. You can also swap out songs in events to stop the tours from being too tedious on replays. It's a great idea but they put no effort into making sure you get songs of comparative difficulty. On one go, the random choices assigned me Rock Lobster (piece of cake) but then my second song was The Killing Moon (I #^&@ hate that song now) which is one of the most difficult songs. The ratings are still so terrible that they're absolutely useless. "The Power of Love" is rated as being one of the easiest drum songs but I had more trouble with that than songs rated as the hardest. I just can't tell what metric they're using to judge the songs by and how they screw it up so badly.
The music selection is more of a mixed bag than RB2's was. The songs that are good are definitely good but the songs that aren't good are awful and there are almost none in the middle ground. Even songs that I like listening to often wound up having really boring or un-fun charts. Drums play pretty much the exact same as they did in RB2 so I was able to start off on Medium this time instead of building up from Easy. I guess fake playing drums is a lot like riding a bike. Too many of the song have the same charts though. I could only play for a couple of songs before I become a combination of frustrated and bored and start thinking about doing work. Less care went into making sure it was a good product as well. I've had the game not progress from the "Press Start" screen to it straight up crashing in the middle of a song. If the game crashes during a challenge, you lose ALL progress in that set. So even though I had 5-starred and gotten all the challenge points for the first song in the set, after the crash I was back at the beginning and had to do it all over again.
The game just got boring by the midpoint. Without the sense of making progress in the career mode, it just feels like you're grinding out a bunch of bad songs with a periodic sprinkling of good music. I thought about picking up the keyboard, but then I checked the price and they're still going for $50/60 so that was ruled out quickly.
Sins Committed: Buggy, Grinding, Bad music
Virtues Acted: Customization, Good art, There's silly fun to be had in seeing characters you create sing in other people's voices so I had Empress singing Still Alive and Space Oddity, which made me chuckle