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Posted by Pip

MRL8- One Word Sounds Like Cute

Oh curse the ways of a spiritual link! Even with a lack of authority, guidance, and pleadings for mercy, something has to get in Gluttony's way. The lady-monster just downed a whole turkey two minutes ago! Let her wash that down with some tasty refreshments!
Also, Greed is apparently awesome at charades.

Quick Review: They Came Back- TCB is a very interesting take on the people coming back from the dead genre (I'm pretty sure it's a genre at this point) but you most definitely couldn't call it a “zombie movie”. Heck, the people that have been dead for months or even years come back looking perfectly healthy. Even their clothes were nice and clean with no dirt and not even a hint of decomposition. I can totally accept the dead reanimating, but how clean everything was kind of bugged me for the whole movie. It's a really neat concept with the dead returning, the strain that has on society, how the dead aren't quite right, and the progressively increasing worry that “something” is going to go down but then it never comes together. Hell, it doesn't even really end. Stuff happens, there's some resolution to one or two plot points, then the credits roll. I spent the last fifteen minutes repeatedly saying "What's happening?", ended with "What was that?!", and did a search to find out more online and came across groups of people asking "What the hell was that about!?". As long as you're all right with one massive letdown of an ending and a lack of explanation or resolution to anything important, it's worth a watch for the first 45 minutes alone with maybe the middle part played at double speed and then resume normally at the end so you can post in the forums just what the hell was going on that I missed.
It's available for free on Hulu if you want to get your smug on and explain the ending.