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MRL11- Because Demons Have Good Doctors

Sharing is totally setting up a secret harem in the Spirit Realm. Being a trans-dimensional strange nearly naked dude with powers has to have some kind of benefits. It's all a scam, good readers! Don't trust nekkid people.

I was going through some old files while working on a project and came across the first Sins picture posted online. Seeing as how our anniversary is coming up, I thought it would be funny to post it again. It's a teaser image so you can't see much and Envy blocks out Lust and Pride, but it's worth it just for the old Greed. Poor guy most definitely wasn't a puppy man back then. Kind of dig Rhett's cloak being used more though.

Quick Review: Secret Agent Clank- SAC (I'm not mature enough to not laugh at that) feels like a "My First Ratchet and Clank Game". You don't have many abilities, the gadgets are kind of meh, and strafing fixes everything. Actually constant strafing is pretty much an absolute requirement because enemy shots curve/home so even if you dodge them, you'll still take damage unless you're constantly moving. From what I played through, Clank's levels are the most traditional but have more of a focus on stealth/avoiding combat so that sucks a lot of the fun out of the Ratchet games. Clank also has these asinine rhythm games shoehorned in for no discernible reason. Ratchet's levels are just the arena fights, Clank's robot helpers play like the original Clank levels, and the most fun side-missions are Quark's delusions. Quark's levels are him making up stories of his heroism a la Zap Brannigan and his own hubris and grandstanding make the fight progressively more difficult as he lies more and more to make his own triumphs sound that much more triumphant. What starts as a normal monster fight suddenly has super moves, laser beams, explosions, and giant ninjas as Quark lays on the BS. But for the game itself, Clank is a sidekick, not a standalone character that can carry most of a game. Especially one with a really dumb story. Heroic character is acting strangely and has two exceedingly obvious and heretofore never seen before red devices attached to the side of his head? The law of every known comic book/cartoon/video game says he's probably being mind controlled. And wasn't the whole "Secret Agent Clank" thing an acting gig? As I remember it, Clank got a role in the series as a part of the bad guy's plot to separate him from Ratchet, but now... he actually is a secret agent and belongs to some spy agency? Wha?