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Posted by Pip

MRL12- Family Vircation

For all their meddling in human affairs, the Virts are a bit out of it on the finer details. Maybe Marlowe should just count his blessings that they didn't pack him up in a pet carrier. But hey, he's rockin' it in good spirits. The boy has his book, his awesome gauntlet, and that's all he needs to kick some butt.

DDG updated over the weekend too. Thankfully no mention of diapers there. That we know of...

The Pony Sins of a few weeks ago proved to be rather popular so they're back with a new batch for this week's TWC voting incentive! Let no one say that I don't jump on bandwagons! I mean... give the Internet what it wants. Click to the voting link above to root for Sins and get your magical little reward.

I missed doing the old Viewer Mail comics and I realized that I can work them into the TWC voting pictures, so I'm bringing the feature back! Send your questions to the Sins, Virtues, Tarot, Vice, and any other horrid creature running around the comic, including me!
Same rules apply as before: keep it clean, I won't answer spoilery/what's going to happen next questions, and I can't do a picture for everything but I'll try to do at least a written response.
Submit your questions via the forums, the Twitter account, email, or Facebook!