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Posted by Pip

MRL13- Actually Just A Painted Cardboard Tube

Just when you thought Chastity couldn't get more kick ass, Bam! A little sad she couldn't have kept the theme going and used platinum or bronze, though. Maybe it's onyx. Onyx is pretty spiff. Or Content can steal it, paint it glowing neon green, and then sneak it back into Chastity's lab so nobody will ever be able to tell...

Impressions: Brawl Busters- It's still in beta so I can't give a real review, but here are some thoughts on the first public Brawl Busters build. Point 1 in its favor: It's a computer game that actually runs on my cheapo computer. It relies more on good design and style than having the spiffiest and shiniest graphics, but the game is far better for this. Even the 2D art for the loading screens is funny. Gameplay-wise, it's easiest to describe as what Team Fortress 2 would have been if they went the melee route rather than guns and, for me, that makes it a better game. The rock-paper-scissors aspect of a class system works much better when you have to get physical and they feel more distinct because of it. Even beyond the classes, I like BB's customization more as well. It's not just each class has one specific look. Here, there are multiple body types you can use with every class, different skin tones, male and female versions of the characters, and alternate outfits. It's the route TF2 could have gone if they didn't focus on hats. I'm not a fan of the hats. The beta is light on content but you have a single player mode that's more tutorial/challenges and co-op and competitive multiplayer. IAP is strange though. You don't outright buy items with the credits you earn from playing/paying, you kind of rent them. If you buy a boost, it only lasts for a certain time frame (3 days typically) and then you have to buy it again. The items in the beta were pretty limited (weapons that gave you .2% increases in attack, etc) and cheap but I can see that unbalancing things once expensive and powerful items are added. Everything about the game is peppy and upbeat, even when you're losing. And as with almost all online games, I pretty much sucked at it at the competitive modes but I still had fun playing them. However, I'll gladly play the single player mode when it's released if it's F2P and would definitely pick a Playstation version.