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Posted by Pip

MRL14- Cast And Fast Rhyme Make A Pun Out Of That

Marlowe is straight up competent! Some might say suspiciously so... If there's a character in this comic that's actually good at something it should be, that's cause for worry. At least if you're going to make it a point to show off how awesome you are, messing with Labor is the way to go. Everybody else would probably gripe and whine about their bones jutting out of their skin or pass out from blood loss. You know how some people get.

It's a new month for a new wallpaper but this month is the anniversary month! Sins Venials turns six this year and that's old enough to ship the little monsters off to school. I'll have some more goodies for everybody on our actual day, but for now, this is a freebie picture for all but the colored and fancied up wallpaper version goes to our beloved donators.

And even our birthday month wouldn't be complete without funny search strings that somehow led to the site:
“mermaid being eaten”- Soooo, does it taste like people or fish?
“comics french” - That better be a search for a comic in French because if people are looking for Ziggy making out with Mary Worth...
“sins for doors” - Being ajar, having the knocker set too low, and having a really annoying door bell
“secret plot comics” - In all fairness, I am plotting on stealing all your gems and doubloons.