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Posted by Pip

MRL15- I Think We Learned Something Today

Man, Chast even shoots down the life lessons we've all come to depend upon to guide after 22 minutes of hardships. And laughs. If there isn't at least a group hug and a studio-wide “Awww”, I don't know what I'll do with myself. I might start skateboarding without knee pads or leaving the faucet on while I brush my teeth. I can't survive in the real world without TV's life lessons! I mean, just look at the life lesson in these last two pages. The perfect way to make friends is to break somebody's wrist? Without a Wheel of Morality, I might think that's actually a good idea.

Don't forget that the TWC comic rankings reset at the beginning of the month and voting really helps the comic reach new people! It helps enough that we shamelessly bribe you to do it. Your thanks this week is another peek into the life of the Sins after Rhett's story!

Happy Labor Day to all our Slapegg workers! A holiday oddly more supported by the Sins than the Virtues. Labor demands longer work days and more children in the free weights factories!

Posted by Pip

Update 2

Oh, and DDG updated over the weekend as. Almost forgot about my poor dead friends.