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Posted by Pip

MRL17- You Could Still Smack Him

I guess not wanting to mercilessly pummel a child comes with the “Virtue” territory. The Sins gets morphing, possessions, and the ability to influence things to spontaneously combust and the Virtues get a nagging guilt over backhanding a small human. Seems like a fair trade.
Labor is going to have to head home, hit up the gym, and beat on the first guy he sees. Last time that dude ever dares to do yoga at a gym that caters to Forces of the Universe.

Quick Review: Lord of Arcana- LoA has everything I hated about Monster Hunter and the stream of countless knockoffs trying to cash in on its inexplicable success: a bare bones story, item harvesting, item crafting, drawn out battles, frustratingly slow attacks, and bizarrely awful fashion for its mercenaries. Fighting the enemies wasn't even fun thanks to the odd controls that you can't customize and QTEs. Plus, your character is always shouting, yelling, or grunting. And it isn't even translated. I loathe characters that can't shut up and they're even worse when they're doing it in a foreign language. It's just grunting and basic shouting; you could probably get your QA staff to record that over a long lunch break so not doing it is just lazy.