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Posted by Pip

MRL18- I Want To See That Accident

Science used for abusing people you don't like! Chastity is just a few textbooks away from being able to shoot laser beams or metal blades out of her fingertips. Keep working, Chast!
If he just stopped wearing his gaudy magician's jewelry, Hiero Could probably avoid being picked on. Destroyer of worlds or not, that star just makes you want to push him around. Although, he doesn't have the adorable language of a lovable youngster. You don't get far yelling at people that can fry your brain.

In honor of Mini Marlowe, this week's TWC voting incentive is a batch of other Tarot we haven't seen minified before. Click the voting link to check it out. Think Muppet Babies but way, waaay more awesome. And willing to maul. Animal was holding back!