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MRL19- A VirTrifle Of A Problem

Fear Chastity's mighty finger! Okay, not as fear and awe inspiring as her giant sword but you can still be afraid of it. Marlowe at least looks like he could have stood up to Virtue interrogation for a little while but Hiero caves in an instant. How can you conquer worlds if you spill the beans as soon as they offer you a drink?

Quick Review: Pursuit Force 2: Extreme Justice- Just like the first one, PF2 is big, dumb, things constantly explode, and it's thoroughly a B-movie in game form. Thankfully unlike the first one, the controls are better and the missions seem a bit more balanced, at least up until a complete BS level near the end of the game. That level tasks you with sniping 16 enemies that are randomly running around, you have a severely strict time limit, your gun is imprecise, AND you're in a helicopter that can't stay steady for longer than half a second. Not only is that godawful game design, but it doesn't make any sense from within the game itself. Your pilot will move on before you have a chance to kill everybody in a group, which means that you have to keep playing the entire segment even if you miss one guy at the very beginning, which will cause you to fail. Also, the segment is all about protecting a squad of police from attackers but you're telling me that when I managed to snipe 15 of the 16 that's still a failure? Just how incompetent are the police in this game? Maybe about as bad as the designers at bigBIG Studios. Your studio's name is as bad as your game. I seriously wanted to like this game. The first one stunk but I liked the idea enough to try the sequel and they STILL managed to botch what could have been an amazing franchise. How is this company still in business? According to GameFAQs, their release history is as follows: 2005- Pursuit Force 1 (lousy game), 2007- Pursuit Force 2 (lousy game) and Pursuit Force for the PS2 (canceled), 2009- Motorstorm Arctic Edge (a PSP version of an already bad racing game), and a yet to be released Vita game that was one of the least interesting titles revealed for the system. They've been up for at least 6 years and they've only released 3 titles, none of which are great. What kind of blackmail material do they have on you, Sony?! Ugh, back to the game at hand. It's still buggy from time to time with not being able to lock onto enemies right in front of you, your vehicle suddenly changing direction (sometimes in midair), and characters/the environment/graphics disappearing, which were all issues I encountered in the first game. The game is also still extremely random on when you can jump to a car. You can be right behind it and it won't let you change but then you can be on the other side of the road and you can jump all the way across to the car. Seeing as how this is one of the game's main mechanics and hooks, it's amazing that they didn't make sure it works well. Toss in some QTEs and you have a whole gang of issues and bad ideas that suck what fun there was to be had about the game. You unlock extras by replaying the stages you've already beaten, just in a different mode. So you may already have done well enough to earn the bonuses, but since you did it in story mode instead of challenge mode, it doesn't count so you have to go back and do exactly what you just did again. The game doesn't tell you what the unlockable you're going to buy is, so not only are you wasting time replaying the same missions but you're doing so for rewards you probably won't even find rewarding. There are enough sandbox games out there for you to find stupid fun/action movie things to do in, so you can pass this franchise by.