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MRL22- Femme Fatale Fury

Yeesh, you'd think from Marlowe's overreaction that supernaturally electrocuting somebody until she no longer has the strength to stand is a BAD thing. Or is it all a devious plan from the Tarot to look weak, gain sympathy, and then dine from dinnerware forged from the bones of their enemies?! Hey, at least we'd get to see what Modesty's head looks like while Sun and Moon are eating kibble out of it. These comments just got really dark.

Anon9328, Look away Review: Gods Eater Burst- Really short review: It's a Monster Hunter clone so just recycle any review from the number of MH clones and ignore the game. If you actually waaant substance... The game starts off with an extremely slow tutorial wading through menus and introducing you to a control scheme that's a mess of double tapping buttons or pressing them in odd combinations. So for as tedious as it is, so you're all but forced to sit through the awful tutorial missions just to figure out how to play the danged thing and learn how to struggle against the terrible camera. Once you get into the game, it's the same old same old MH formula. Fight an overly long battle against a creature with too much health as you flail away weakly with a crappy weapon, then repeat mission after mission. The game even always acts as if you're in multiplayer meaning it's difficult to just pause for a minute if something comes up and you have to sit through countdowns at the end of missions while you're waiting for a nonexistent group to finish up. A funny little thing that also stuck out to me was that if you play as a female character, everybody still calls you "he". I don't know why, but it always makes me snicker when games do that.
I can honestly say that I totally do not "get" the Monster Hunter phenomenon. They are among the most tedious, un-user friendly games I've ever played. They're games about hunting down and smiting giant monsters so how are they not ludicrously awesome?! There's no excuse for making a game where you use a living sword that can eat monsters and turn into a giant cannon anything less than one of the most amazing things I've ever played and yet company after company has managed to botch this.